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To name a few, these are some commercial and FEMA Elevation Certificate projects  that we have provided a variety of services for:

Exceptional Services for Land Survey Projects in Franklin Square, NY

When you need to bring your land survey projects in Franklin Square, NY, to life it is time to choose the professionals at Precision Surveys. Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to the land you own, want to buy, or are developing. To know the potential, as well as the challenges, empowers you to plan ahead.

With our title surveys, construction surveying projects, and FEMA elevation certificates, we give you the knowledge you need to make the smartest decisions for the future of your property. Our services deliver answers to questions about boundaries, features, structures, and elevation so you know exactly what you are getting into before buying, selling, developing, or improving a parcel of property.

The Assistance You Need for Your Construction Projects

There are many different ways our land surveying company can assist you in defining your property and learning more about it. Some of the different types of surveying services we offer include:

Commercial Surveying Projects - A commercial survey provides you with accurate information about the property you own or are interested in, physical improvements that have been made, any changes that have been performed on the buildings, as well as a clear definition of the property’s boundaries.

Construction Surveying Projects – A construction survey involves staking out the locations of buildings and improvements proposed for the project as part of planning. This helps everyone know what goes where and in relation to everything else that is part of your building project.

FEMA Elevation Certificates - With a FEMA elevation certificate, we help you gather the necessary information for building on a floodplain. The elevation of your property is essential to obtaining flood insurance from the federal government.

Delivering Commercial Survey Services

Commercial survey projects are our specialty. We understand that it is important for you to know every aspect of your property, so we provide the services necessary to get the exact information you need. Surveying is both a science and an art, which we have spent years perfecting.

Our surveyors are dedicated to your complete satisfaction. That is why we conduct every inspection with a thorough attention to detail. Whether you’re purchasing a new building or want to know the value of your current property, count on us to approach your project with the highest degree of professionalism and reliability. We are equipped to meet your specific needs, no matter the scope of your project.

Contact us today for more information about the different projects for which we have worked on. We proudly serve clients in Franklin Square, New York, as well as the communities throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

Hospitals & Medical Facilities:
Bronx Lebanon Hospital - (As Built for dept of Building)
Office of Mental Retardation & Dev. Disibility - (Topo)
Addicts Rehabilitation - (Topographic)
Habitat for Humanity in Nassau County, NY
(Foundation Loc., Stakeout Bldg, Topo.)
Bay Ridge Animal Hospital - (Final Survey)

Schools & Other Commercial Projects:
Roslyn High School - (Topographic)
Rockville Centre School District - (Topographic)
Mill Basin Project - (ALTA & Topographic)
Neptune Avenue Project - (Location of columns)
Fredrick Douglas Boulevard Project [Ross & Associates]
(Monitoring for building shifts)  
The Sneaker Factory Outlet - (Stakeout of Prop. Line; Location
of Piers on either side of bldg)
Neil Hospitality - (Title) 
Liberty Ready Mix, Inc./Tec-Crete (Topo) 

Houses of Worship:
Emanuel Baptist Church (Title)
Deliverance Temple Church of Jesus - (Title)
Yeshiva of Flatbush -(Title)
The Bronx House of Faith - (Topographic)
The Love of Christ Presbyterian Church
(Found. Loc., Stakeout of Bldg., Final)
The Universal Church - (Topographic)
The Church of God in Christ Jesus of
the Apostle Faith Inc. - (Topo)